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About us

Our Story

The founding of Heptagon as a medium-sized company resulted from enthusiasm for innovative developments in thermal imaging and residual light amplifier technology as well as ballistic protection components.

Since, since our own intensive experience in official, tactical and hunting applications, which goes back to 1996, there has shockingly rarely been any real news and all too often no really satisfactory solutions in the areas mentioned, the meeting between the founder and Dr. Andres, the CEO of Andres Industries AG, marked the beginning of an intensive collaboration and the reason for founding his own company.

We carried out many tests of prototypes “in the field” under tough real conditions and further developed or invented some things that are now series standard. Further groundbreaking developments are in the works. The introduction of H7 as our own brand, which has now been completed, is the result of our extremely successful activity. What can we promise you for the future? It remains exciting!

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